Live Event, Sub-Block Dashboards

Images of computer tablet and smart phone with live dashbords loaded

Instant information access via live dashboards.

We provide event organizers with instant access to live dashboards. Offering a rich set of data and analytics on every aspect of your event’s progress, including pick-up pace, room list, delegate list and other reports and charts. We can help you reduce attrition exposure, maximize pick-up and enjoy peace of mind.

In addition, sub-block contacts can manage their allocated inventory through their own sub-block dashboard. This includes the ability to access event information, manage reservations and room lists, communicate with attendees and run reports. Event organizers can control what information can be viewed and which tools can be used.

Dashboards can be easily accessed from any web browser or mobile device.

  • example of main page of dashboard
  • example ofsecondary page of dashboard
  • example of main page of dashboard on smartphone
  • example of secondary page of dashboard on smartphone