Block, Sub-Block & Exhibitor Management

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Higher pick-up. Attrition Avoidance.

Block Management

Through ongoing housing trend analysis and constant monitoring we maximize your blocks and minimize attrition risk. We handle it all using our industry expertise and cutting-edge tools including:

With WaitList2™, we review and realign hotel blocks daily, to ensure stay through patterns. And, we make it easy for your attendees to request wait-list options.

Sub-Block Management

Connections is the absolute leader in sub-block management.

Passkey’s FreeSell™ + our finesse of inventory management = all sub-blocks utilizing the exact number of guest rooms they needs.

We can segment your room types into as many sub-blocks as needed, including:
Exhibitors • VIPs • Associations • Affiliates • Staff • Speakers

Sub-Block management tools offer ability to:

Exhibitor Management

Connections works hard to build relationships with your exhibitors—before, during and after your event. And we focus heavily on implementing solutions that keep your exhibitors in your block. We:

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