Two-Way Inventory Tracking

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A win-win for clients and hotels.

When it comes to room block management, two-way inventory tracking offers a true win-win strategy for the client, hotel and housing company.

Not only does it create an enhanced attendee booking experience and simplify the audit process, it increases revenue potential for all stakeholders while substantiating economic impact and improving negotiating power for the client and event moving forward.

Through two-way inventory tracking, Connections and the hotels can continue selling rooms beyond the contracted block cut off with ease, allowing both parties to monitor hotel pick-up in real time.

All rooms confirmed, regardless of date booked, go into Connections' and the hotel’s system instantly, whether they come in via web or phone. And, both the planner and hotels receive up-to-date reports and inventory information.

By using this innovative technology, we can extend availability at the contracted group rate and achieve increased room block utilization and revenue for you.

Case Study

In fact, Passkey recently cited our use of the two-way inventory solution as a “Success Story” case study. Click here to read how it helped us achieve 9% additional last-minute room growth for our client.